Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Excellent link on Low Mileage Food today - I'm very excited and will be looking into this to see if I can manage to do it next spring.


carolyn said...

Love the idea of The Seven Things Project but being a dreadful horader not sure that I caould manage that, would 7 newspapers count? That I might manage - no wait a minute they are useful for the bottom of the bird cage, papier mache, soaking up th edogs muddy footprints arrgh!

Moonwaves said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean. I couple of months ago I asked my boss to start giving me his newspapers (two a day) when he was finished with them so I could add them to my compost (rather than just having grass and veg cuttings). They build up so quickly but I keep thinking of things I "could" do with them. I've convinced myself now that a certain number (for me it's 15) is more than enough to have on hand. I was starting to have visions of having to sit on a pile of newspapers instead of a couch because there was nowhere else to keep them! I know I'm getting a few a week at least so can replace as I go along and any I don't need for my pile go into my green bin. Unbelievably we have no recycling facilities in work for non-confidential paper (all the shredded, confidential stuff, does get recycled) - we're working on it but in the meantime at least I'm keeping most of my boss's newspapers out of landfill.