Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Have to stop finding blogs

I'm trying to keep the list of blogs I read from growing too long. For one I only have access to the internet in work at the moment and I don't want to end up spending all my evenings here making up for work I miss while surfing the net. I usually try to confine myself to lunchtime and before work starts. For another there seems to be little point in trying to live a simpler life, trying to spend more time enjoying "real" things and ending up just spending more time online!

This blog is interesting though and I think one of the reasons it particularly appeals to me is that it's relatively new, just like mine!

On the 5-a-day front today I've had homemade vegetable soup for lunch (1 - it was a fairly small bowlful), an apple (1), a banana (1) and a pear (1). However all fruit was from the platter we get every day in work so non-organic. The apple was French I think (but is Le Crunch a company or a type?), I assume the banana is from far away and I have no idea about the pear. I need to remember to bring fruit in with me tomorrow! So, that's four so far so need to have at least one more this evening. I'm rushing home now to go to choir and won't have much time though - maybe I'll have a hot lemon and honey drink before I go to bed, if I use the juice of a full lemon I might just about scrape by.

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Rebecca said...

I know what you mean. I've had to time limit myself to reading other blogs, it was eating into my craftwork time. Also I only do it after the kids go to bed, so it can't eat into their time.