Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday

It's a lazy Sunday and although I had a vague inclination yesterday to get up this morning and go for a nice long walk in the woods, the inclination didn't survive the night. It's very gray and windy out, although the rain has cleared up in the last couple of hours - the kind of day that makes me wish I had a fire to light. Not because it's cold, oh no. Despite the rain and generally miserable feeling of the day, it's still not far off twenty degrees, as it has been for over a week now. We had a couple of weeks where I was glad to add an extra cover to the bed and even a few nights where I happily donned my night-cap again. And now we're back to just needing a summer-weight duvet and me throwing that off during the night, too.

If I get a burst of energy later, I'll try and get back to tackling the Table of Doom - I did actually do a bit yesterday and the day before but just small things. I'd like to spend an hour or two on it though and then tackle whatever is left using the same 5 things a day method that helped before.

So far today though, after having slept late, I've mostly been curled on the couch, watching stuff on the internet and knitting a bit. I got myself some more cotton yesterday and have been making myself some more cloths. It's such an easy way to get back into a bit of knitting again and I was really pleased with the ones I made for my sister's birthday. Knitted cloths are the best and for the most part, the only thing I really use anymore. I do still have a few micro-fibre ones for dusting that someone gave me a couple of years ago but otherwise it's homemade all the way. I have a couple of different colours so that I know which ones to use for what. Yellow and green are for the kitchen, i.e. washing dishes, wiping tables etc. Pink and red are for washing myself. Blue and purple are used for cleaning the bathroom. Next up I'm going to try and knit a few very long ones, which I can use with my e-cloth mop. Well, I'll do one anyway and see how it works out.

Apart from that all I've done was prepare a spice rub for the pork neck I bought yesterday. I last bought that in June, when I wanted to make pulled pork in the slow cooker. On that post I have a note that it cost 7.60 per kilo and yesterday it was 8.90. What I bought yesterday wasn't on the bone but that's still a big difference. I'll have to make sure and enjoy every single bit of it. It's resting in the fridge right now, with the spices all rubbed in and later on I'll be trying out my new Romertopf for the first time. I'm not really following any one particular recipe - have used a similar spice rub to those I've used for pulled pork in the past and for the sauce, I'm going to use a cheap pils. I didn't realise I was that much of a beer snob though - I found it really difficult yesterday to pick up the cheapie can of beer (45c) and I spent a good few minutes looking at the bottles of "proper" beer (prices starting at about 89c, only a small selection in the place I was) and even holding one in my hand before I just put it back and bought the no-name one. Hopefully it will turn out alright. I should go now and do the washing up so that I have space in the sink to soak my Romertopf. I may come back later and post photos.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Relaxing on the sofa and knitting a bit sounds absolutely divine to me :-)

~ Pru

Fiona said...

I am so glad to hear a renewed mention of The Table of Doom. I did a bit more decluttering of my endless paper last weekend. Getting ever closer to defeating the paper nemesis....!

Enie Dub said...

Yum! I do love pulled pork - and it is so easy to do in the Slow Cooker.

Maria said...

I would LOVE to take a long walk...probably not in the woods, though. Too many roots, branches to trip up on and I am elderly....

But, yes...a walk. I would love that.