Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat

I took this photo last Monday evening walking along the Rhine near my house.  I took one without the sunset setting on the camera and one (this one) with. It makes quite a difference.  Now that the weather seems to be starting to improve somewhat (it got up to ten degrees today!) I'm hoping to incorporate lots more walks along the river into my life again.  It can never match the see but it's nice to be near the water.  And something I'll sit near one of the parts where there are some rocks along the sides of the river and close my eyes and when one of the really big container ships goes past it nearly sounds like real waves.

And now for some chit-chat

What are you:
Atonement by Ian McEwan - didn't ever want to read it because I saw the film and while I thought it was okay, I didn't like it that much.  But it's for book club and only a few chapters in I'm very glad that someone suggested it.

I've been watching old clips from the Good Life on youtube (and have added the DVD boxset to my list of things to get when I have some spare money).  There was some discussion about it on the Green Living Forum yesterday so I had to go looking for my favourite christmas speciall (from 1977 silly but it's fun) on youtube and once you start, it's hard to stop.

Listening to
Sound of boiling water from the kitchen, need to type fast and go and rescue my mooncup soon.

I made some chickpea and white bean casserole earlier and that's it for today.

Happy you accomplished this week
Made it through the first week of the Blogging from A to Z challenge.  And I went to the European and World Irish Dancing Championships yesterday with some friends and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also found time to do some research on the exam I hope to do next year and found out there are only two places that do the preparation courses.  Hope to make contact with at least one of them next week but am already fairly sure which one I'll end up using.

Looking forward to next week
A couple of days off work and a trip back to Ireland for a few days to catch up with family and friends, not to mention the opportunity to sing along with the Messiah on the Street performance next week to celebrate the original performance of Messiah in Dublin.

Thankful for today
That the days are finally getting longer.  It makes such a difference!  Oh, and for my mooncup - so glad I persevered until I got the hang of it.

Bonus question: what is your regular day-to-day outfit?
Generally a pair of black trousers and a blouse (have several different colours of the same one, comfy, easy to care for but smart enough for work - if I find something that works, I stick with it).  In cold weather I'll have a vest-top on underneath and maybe leggings under the trousers.  Once I get home I change into tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and, if necessary, a fleece.

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