Monday, April 08, 2013


The spectacle type that is.  I bought new glasses just before I moved over here.  Snazzy red ones for my snazzy new life.  Or something.  I never did follow through on the rest of the whole new image idea because life got in the way somehow (not the first time I've thought about doing something like that.  Once when I started a new job, I booked an appointment with a personal shopper at Debenhams. I had to wait quite a bit before there was a Saturday morning one free and by the time it came around I had completely forgotten it.  She rang me fifteen minutes before I was supposed to be there to make sure I knew where to go and I was still fast asleep at home.  So that didn't work out either).

That means that I've had my current glasses for nearly five years ago now and what with them starting to look a bit beaten up as well as the prospect of being debt-free before too much longer, it seems like a new pair of glasses might not be a bad idea.  This idea is, of course, helped along by the fact that I pass by two different opticians every day and one of them has a pair of frames in their window at the moment that I really like.  They're green, with dark green around the lens and a much lighter shade on the arms.  Very cute.  And green does suit me very well.  Matches my eyes, you see.  On the other hand, these are designer frames that cost over two hundred euro just for the frame.  I'm used to going to the type of place where you practically get the frames for free and just have to pay for the actual lenses and whatever anti-scratch, anti-reflective, super-duper anti-this that and the other finishes they manage to talk you into.  And let's face it, most designer logos are kind of ugly and, on glasses anyway, far too prominent.  I don't often see something that I really like though in a shop window though, so I'll definitely be keeping the style and colours in mind when I do get around to getting new glasses.  Maybe then I should start thinking about that whole new image idea again!

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