Thursday, April 04, 2013

Doom, Table of

Okay, that may be a teeny tiny bit of a cheat for "D" but when I signed up for this challenge I immediately thought that four days was more than enough to finish up and I'd be able to use today to show off photos of the Table of Doom, finally de-doomed.  But I wasn't reckoning on having to work until after nine two days in a row so it doesn't look a whole lot different than it did on Sunday, after all.  But it's definitely time to get back to it.  Mid-way through February, this post showed how much progress I had made.  I did actually deal with the pile on the left side of that photo and then I headed off to Halle for Happy Birthday Handel, came back and promptly succumbed to a nasty bout of bronchitis.  I did get up at some stage to try and finish off the last few bits and pieces as well as to get rid of some very, very old flowers on a side-table just to the right of this one.  And remembered that when the Table of Doom was getting very full and threatening to overflow onto the floor not long before I went on holidays in December, I moved a big pile of stuff over to that side table.  Aaagggh.  Doesn't quite feel like I'm back where I started but nearly does.  

So I have no photo of a lovely clear table to share with you this evening.  I didn't even get any done today because I went swimming after work (couldn't drag myself out of bed early enough to go before work) and now I feel all lovely and tired and am going to have an early night.  At least I did something active though!

I'm going to try and tackle the Table of Doom at the weekend and if that doesn't work out, I'll just have to go back to my original 5-a-day plan. 

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