Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spending recap

Here's the breakdown of what I've spent from last Saturday to yesterday:

17.00 transport
71.51 food necessities (Full shop last Saturday and two mini-trips to the supermarket with some stocking up of the freezer)
58.41 food luxuries (Dinner out on Saturday, takeaway dinner yesterday and far too much junk food)
7.64 lunch out (1 x pizza on Tuesday, 1 x kebab on Tuesday evening)
2.25 toiletries (Cider vinegar for hair)
0.00 gifts
0.00 clothes
2.36 house/garden (4 x bottles of vinegar)
10.42 medical (Nose salve.  The doctor's visit and antibiotics I got were fully covered by health insurance - they've changed some of the rules this year so no more quarterly admin charge or, apparently, prescription charges)
6.00 other (Overdue fines at library)

Total: 175.59


Denise @ My House, My Rules said...

OUCH on the overdue fines at the library, but the $6 is still cheaper than actually buying books so you still came out ahead, I would say. All in all, your spending seemed low. Food sure does "eat" up a big portion of our budgets though, doesn't it?

Moonwaves said...

The overdue fines were actually for some DVDs and it really was my own fault for mistaking the day I had taken them out on. I suppose something like that has to happen every once in a while to remind us to be more careful. Some people call it stupid tax. :)

My spending last week was nearly double a fairly generous budget, unfortunately. You have to bear in mind that I live alone, with no kids nor pets nor nothing else at all to be using up money. I've always been interested in the statistics that get bandied about though, about how little of our money we use for food these days compared to 50 years ago. Even though food is a big part of my discretionary spending each week, it's still only around 10% of my monthly take-home (I think, have to check my spreadsheet again). It's really interesting to know how much I'm spending as a percentage and I want to pay far more attention to that this year.