Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday spending

I made it up and out to the market this morning but that might be as far as my energy takes me today.  I think I'll go and have a nap shortly and maybe that'll leave me able to get some things done this evening.  I'm really not sure how I'm going to make it through a full day of work on Monday.  We'll have to see.

No photo today but I bought a lot, with plans for very nice dishes from a cookbook that I took down from the bookshelf with the express purpose of getting rid of it.  I haven't opened it in probably ten years, it's one of the first cookbooks I ever bought and although I did go through it at the time, marking each recipe I wanted to try, I think I only used it a couple of times.  If I recall correctly, it was a special offer from the Book People, whose representative used to come around to our company and leave samples that could be ordered every month.  I don't think any month went by when I didn't order something.  I have no willpower. At any rate, I finally decided that before getting rid of it, I would see if I could use my Low-Fat Ultimate Recipes book at least three times in the next month.  I started flicking through it and immediately realised that my tastes and entire life has changed so much since I got this book, that there are now far, far more recipes that appeal to me than there were even before.  So I bought the fixings for two chicken dinners and one soup and will try to spend an hour or two in the kitchen tomorrow.

Price list for today's shopping
Putenfarm Peter Ritte (at market)
Turkey wings x 2 - 1.007kg - 3.42 (3.40/kg)
Turkey legs x 4 - 1.863kg - 6.52 (3.50/kg)

Straetmans (at market)
Refund of deposit on milk bottle - 1.50
Butter 288g - 2.74 (9.50/kg)
Cream cheese 174g - 2.77 (15.90/kg)
Mittlealter Bauernkaese (hard cheese, similar to gouda) 204g - 2.43 (11.90/kg)

Etzold (at market)
Carrots (ronicalla or similar, forgot to check how it's spelt) 1.044kg - 2.30 (2.20/kg)
Leeks x 4 - 780g - 2.96 (3.80/kg)
Red onions x 3 - 225g - 0.63 (2.80/kg)
Eggs x 6 medium - 1.98

Thees (at market)
Kale (already de-stemmed), 1 x 500g bag - 3.80 (with stems still in it was 3.80/kg)
Chilies, 4 x small, dried - 1.30

Flassrath (at market)
Boskoop apples 2.5kg - 4.00
Apple juice 1lt - 1.00 (didn't have to pay deposit 'cos they know I always bring them back)

Other (at market)
Lardons 108g - 1.09 (10.10/kg)

Green olives with stones 310g jar - 2.99 (9.65/kg)
Green olives stoned and sliced 180g jar - 3.50 (18.40/kg)

el martin (fairtrade shop)
Birthday cards x 2 - 5.00
Cardamon pods 30g - 2.80
Dark chocolate 100g - 2.00

Behmer (bakery)
Spelt/joghurt bread - half a loaf (250g) - 1.55

Mayersche (bookshop)
Das Urgeschmack Dessertbuch - 21.90 (paid for from giftcard my boss gave me) - this is a book with recipes for some paleo desserts.  I follow this guy on youtube and some of these recipes looked very interesting so I decided to go ahead and get the book.  Decisions made when you have a giftcard are very different than those made when you have to hand over cold hard cash!

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