Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Nearly there

I'm back in work but had to take a moment to check my Irish bank account - it was a holiday in Ireland yesterday so there were no updates.  But loan payment has gone out now and finally, finally, after five very, very long years I am down to just two payments left to do.  And once that's gone I can really attack the credit card and overdraft.  One more step down the road to debt free!


Dani said...

Fantastic news - what a position to be in. Very happy for you :-)

Suze said...

I am so pleased that you can see the light and know that one section is done!

Emily said...

I just found your blog via google search because I am very interested in living a simple life. I paid off a huge credit card balance a couple of years ago and it feels good to turn in that last payment. I am happy to see that you are well on your way to being debt free!