Sunday, May 01, 2011

Holidays - day 6

Got up around nine, ate a proper breakfast (including a newly opened jar of last year's raspberry jam - delicious although my notebook tells me that when I made it I didn't think it was as nice as the year before's jam).  Did the dishes and headed out for a walk to a nearby park.  While there I saw the May Day (Workers' Day) parade passing, which was interesting.  Didn't bother following along to go and listen to the speeches though, just headed back through the park and up an incline, where I sat in the sun for twenty minutes or so peoplewatching and musing.

I resisted the temptation to buy an ice-cream or something nice from the bakery on the way home and once I got here got stuck in to getting my CV finished.  Oh my goodness but OpenOffice can be a finicky, annoying program to use.  This is why I've kept putting off getting my CV finished - I ended up just starting from scratch as too much of the Word formatting was just getting skewed.  Have designed a completely different format based on some a found on the internet - I'd used the same old one for at least ten years and it was getting very old-fashioned looking even to me.  And of course I needed to make sure I was using the type of layout popular in Germany, with plenty of space for a photo on the front page etc.  Now it's very annoying that I can't manage to re-size the photo properly (for whatever reason it's opening up as a nearly full-page).  Sigh.  I thought I was going to have to sneak into the office this evening to do it there but as I'm typing this I am remembering a piece of software that was available for free download to do just exactly that so I may see if I can find that.  Just need to have something to send in to the recruitment agency I spoke to on Friday and want to send it early tomorrow morning. 

And I've caught up on some blog reading, done the ironing, put everything away and swept the floors.  Not a bad day's work so far really.  Just wish I didn't have to go back to real work.  I do still have tomorrow off but since I have a dental appointment at 12, the day is going to be a bit of a washout I think.  I'm getting the crown repaired which broke at the beginning of April (yes, the one I only just got at the end of November and which I have only just made the final payments on).  But for now on this sunny evening there are strawberries demanding my attention.

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