Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another week nearly over

Busy day yesterday and I am tired today. Need to get to bed and sleep early.

Yesterday's food:
Soothie made using one very ripe banana, an apple, a spoon of vanilla icecream and some yoghurt
Cheesy bread roll

2 squares of Gepa dark chocolate
1 cup hot chocolate
2 jam tarts
1 small apple

Spring roll and chicken with cashew nuts and rice (and the colleague who invited me for lunch insisted on paying which I wasn't expecting at all)

1 medium apple

2 small slices of quiche

1 small beer (and the new guy in choir who was with us insisted on paying - also very unexpected)

Couple of slices of turkey salami
Cup of tea and jam tart

Today's food has been a bit all over the place.

Porridge with milk and sugar
1 cup hot chocolate
2 squares dark chocolate
1 medium apple

2 bread rolls (one whole grain, one rye)
Cream cheese
Last of the turkey salami
2 jam tarts
Handful of dried apple slices

Slice of strawberry and mascarpone cake
Yoghurt with handful of dried berries

Boiled potatoes with some cheese and chutney
2 more jam tarts and a cup of tea while I was waiting for the potatoes to cook.

I felt very weak this afternoon. I thought it was just the heat but no-one else seemed to think it was hot. That happens anyway but I was starting to get clammy in that just before all out sweating kind of a way and nobody else seemed to think it was a particularly warm day at all. It passed after a couple of hours. In fact from about half-four I was watching the clock wishing and hoping it would be six o'clock soon so that I could go home and not actually being sure that I would make it that long. But then at around quarter to six it seemed to pass and I actually got something done that it was great to get out of the way before tomorrow so I didn't even mind staying forty minutes longer than planned.

I started wondering if I was missing meat as I haven't had a huge amount of it this or last week. But I checked the receipt from the market last week and I had 110g of turkey salami and 422g of the smoked chicken. What was in my lunch yesterday was probably about 200g. So that's more or less three-quarters of a kilo of meat this week, which seems to me to be more than enough. I often don't eat meat anyway so it's actually hard to tell if this is more or less than I am used to eating.

Otherwise today I actually got around to renewing my library books before they were overdue. Must make more of an effort to read them now! And I'm still keeping on top of the washing up - just about. Walked home slowly from work this evening and stopped in the supermarket to bring back some emtpy bottles. Didn't buy anything though so now have about four euro in cash in my purse and still have 18 lunch vouchers left.

I'm going to go for lunch with a friend from work tomorrow and we will go somewhere that takes lunch vouchers. I have almost nothing left in the fridge, which is good - I'm really going to keep trying to be a better judge of how much I need so that I can use everything up before it goes off. I have only had a little bit of the cheese I bought last weekend so do not need to buy anymore this weekend. There is still some cream cheese left and that needs to be used so I might get up early enough tomorrow morning to pop out and buy bread and have bread or toast and cream cheese for breakfast. And I'm not buying anymore of it this weekend either. It's one of those things that I can sometimes get through within a few hours of bringing it home or else it sits there. There's only a small amount of milk left too, just enough for a cup of tea in the morning I think.

Now, must go and have a look at what I had actually planned to have for dinner this evening and lunch tomorrow because I honestly have been racking my brains about it for the last couple of hours and have no idea what I thought I would be having.

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