Sunday, March 01, 2009

Evenings getting brighter

I love when the evenings start getting brighter. Haven't noticed it particularly until this weekend as I work until at least 6 and usually a bit later so it's mostly still dark when I go home. This weekend I was away for a choir weekend. We have two concerts (performing Mendelssohn's St. Paul) next weekend so this weekend the whole choir headed off to Kloster Steinfeld again for some intensive rehearsing. The time flies by although it really is very intensive and exhausting. We had rehearsal on Friday evening for three hours then yesterday three three hours sessions. We were due to go for dinner at 6 so during the second rehearsal I kept looking out the window waiting for it to get dark so I'd know it was nearly time for a break. And then all of a sudden it was time for dinner. But it was still bright out! How fantastic.

Same today, it is half-six now and starting to get dark. I'm not long back from choir and should turn the light on inside now but actually I'm going to go out and walk for half-an-hour before the light is completely gone. It does tend to get dark very quickly here so it'll probably be fully dark by the time I get back. Happy days though, in Germany spring is considered to be March, April and May (in Ireland it's February, March and April) and today has been a gorgeous day, still cold but blue sky and sunny. Welcome Spring!


Marsha said...

Aahh....Imagine spring beginning in February, as opposed to late March in Michigan, USA. It's not unheard of to even get a bit of snow as late as April.

Marsha said...

Ahh...imagine spring in February, as opposed to late March as is here in Michigan (USA). It's not unheard of to see a bit of snow in April!