Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Local Summer - Week 9 - part 2

I wrote the post down below as Part 1 as I fully intended to have at least one more local meal to talk about by the end of the week. I did but all leftovers from previous weeks (going on holidays next week so trying to use up everything from the freezer) and eh, basically, bread and cheese.

I did remember to take the chicken a bought a couple of weeks ago out of the freezer this morning. Have been in work much later than planned though so am meeting my brother in town to use up some vouchers for Wagamama I have. If the chicken is actually defrosted by the time I get home I will cook it and use it for sandwiches and other meals during the week. So there is a very, very slight chance that I will get a photo up of something I've cooked this week.

I've worked all weekend but have made some real progress. Bloody filing. I actually enjoy filing (think there's a closes librarian in me somewhere) but when you're trying to work someone else's filing system and it doesn't seem to make sense it's tough. I've been here three years now and still had a few bits that I'd never been able to find places for. Have just about cracked it now and although I've spent nearly the entire weekend here (one of the few non-raining weekends we've had!) I am glad to have done it and will be able to relax far better when I'm away (am trying to mitigate any don't-want-to-go-back feelings ahead of time, not sure two weeks WWOOFing in Germany will do much for my feelings of (dis)content at living in Dublin).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your great comments on my site about traveling to Dublin. I've heard the same things said about Temple Bar - it really doesn't sound like our kind of place either, although we hang out at teashops at home all the time so we might check out the one you mentioned. I don't drink and the Mister thinks he is doing well if he finishes an entire beer so we really aren't bar scene people. I checked out Jacob's Inn but they are pretty full up - but we have since made arrangements at Mount Eccles hostel which is also reasonably priced. We would love to meet up & have a chat with a local while we are there - when are you going Wwoofing in Germany? It would be interesting to hear of your experiences before we start our own Wwoofing adventure. We arrive Sept. 14th and leave the 18th (Dublin that is).

*melanie from