Wednesday, October 11, 2006

quick update on sesame sticks

Found Ecoshop's website ( and discovered they started a discussion forum this summer. I've posted the following there rather than sending them an email. Hopefully I'll get a reply. I've never really written this kind of request before so I hope I achieved the right tone and don't just annoy them so much they've no interest in replying.

Hi there

I was in the shop last Sunday (haven't been there for about two years, it's looking fantastic and it's great to see you expanding). As I was looking around though I became aware that a large proportion of products, particularly food, were not Irish made. While I believe it is important to buy eco-products and organic products I also believe it is very important to buy local, again particularly when it comes to food. Can you explain what your policy is on trying to source local products, please?

I have one other issue I wanted to ask you about. I decided to treat myself to some sesame sticks and bought the Ecoshop pack. Later I decided to look in more detail at the label and see that they were packed by Munster Wholefoods in Kerry. Not so local, although still in Ireland, probably didn't involve any air miles at least. Then I see that the origin is UK. So it feels like this product has been around the houses a bit. Can you tell me where and by whom it was actually produced, please? I'd like to know in part because I'd also like to find out what is in them and the list of ingredients leaves something to be desired: what spices? what herbs? what "natural flavourings"? what kind of vegetable oil? I can see nothing about this product which is organic or eco-friendly and it overall leaves me wondering about your policies for buying products. It'd be a great help to me if you could explain a bit about it.

I was looking up your website to find an email address but thought perhaps this might be a more suitable forum to ask. I've only recently started actually paying attention to labels and so on and so am really trying hard to find out a bit more about where I am buying and what I am buying.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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